The Mass Box for large groups

These are our bulk deals! We sell the Mass Box in bulk in units of 10. In order to bring the bulk deals down in price, we send you all the materials and you just segment out for each child in class! 

Mass Box: 10 Full Set Church and School Pack 

Imagine, every Sunday and Holy day - a Bible reading-themed craft with all the specialty craft materials, a magazine with the readings, activities age-appropriate for 4-8 year olds, craft directions, plus a 3-5 minute online video ready to show your kids.... and the best part - it's ALL PLANNED AND PREPARED FOR YOU. No more hunting around the internet, craft stores, running copies when you can get there early enough... it's done. And all for less than $2 a student per activity!This is our teacher's pack of 10 sets of materials and magazines! You will get 10 full sets of all the materials, then you'll distribute throughout your class! If you need multiple sets of 10, select multiple subscriptions; they will ship together and shipping will be calculated off the total weight of the shipment. NOTE - this is NOT 10 individual Mass Boxes - it is the materials all in one box for a teacher to use to save you trip after trip to craft stores and scouring the internet to find items. You'll need to segment out materials for your class; it's not packed to "send a craft home" each week. .

Mass Box Lite: 10 Set Church and School Pack 

Love the Mass Box concept, but only meet monthly with your group? This pack includes the materials for 10 of our favorite craft for the month and 10 issues of the Mass Box magazine, packed with the readings, age-appropriate activities, coloring sheets, and of course craft instructions and access to the 3-5 minute weekly webisode shows! Kids can then take the magazines home to take to Mass every week and dive deeper into the readings and themes for Sunday! 

Mass Box Magazine: 10 Magazine Pack

Looking for a magazine to get your 4-8 year olds in your parish or school excited about the Mass and learning about the Mass and the Bible? This is the same magazine in our Mass Box packs, great for a magazine to give kids at Mass, etc... Every Sunday and Holy Day have their own 16 page magazines (mailed monthly). It IS appropriate for Mass use. Packs come in quantities of 10. You can order multiple sets (shipping will be calculated on total weight) or e-mail us at for custom quantities.