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Get Kids Ready for Mass the Easy Way

As parents of pre-school and school aged kids, we get it! Getting clothes on and everyone to the bathroom is hard enough, forget actually spiritually preparing for Mass! That's why we created The Mass Box. All the pre-prep of planning and getting supplies together to study the readings before Mass is done for you! 

So what does that look like for 4-8 year olds? We try to engage in every way possible to help them connect! 

1. Hands on craft themed to the gospel - all the supplies and instructions included. 

2. Video. We make a webisode for every Sunday with a father and daughter making the craft and discussing the readings.  The Mass Box also includes a DVD from Super Book, an animated Bible show. Each DVD is selected to match the readings for the month! 

3. Actually reading the Bible - we provide the readings for Sunday/Holy Days with United States Council of Catholic Bishops approval in kid-friendly font size and magazine format, with discussion questions. 

4. Coloring sheets and highlight-style activity pages. You guessed it, all themed to the readings and in the magazine, ready to come along to Mass with your little ones!

5. For the whole family - we have kit sizes for families of all sizes, and older kids learn by helping younger and younger yet kids pick up so much from the family preparation! Oh yeah, and then we (adults) are preparing ourselves as well with studying the readings before Mass! 

What people are saying about the Mass Box:

" As busy American women, life is hectic. We’re wives. And moms. We’re workers (whether at an office away from home, an office within the home, or the kitchen and bedrooms) regardless of employment status. We’ve got a lot going on, and if you’re anything like me, your domestic church has seen better days by this time of the year; especially now that it’s ordinary time again! Enter The Mass Box." - The Hail Marry blog

"My kids love doing crafts but I don't always have the time to come up with a craft and gather the supplies, let alone pull the weekly readings in order to teach them about the faith.  With The Mass Box, the work has been done for me and I can just spend the time doing the readings, craft and discussion with my kids.  This will make such a great addition to our weekend family time." - Sarah J. Creations, Confessions of a Teacher Turned Stay at Home Mom   

"I had the opportunity to trial this product over a year ago during Lent and my five year old loved it so much, she begged me to subscribe to it when it was made available this Advent. How could I say no? As part of her Christmas gift, I bought her a subscription. It has been the best present ever! Unlike the rest of the gifts that are sitting in the toy box, she loves coming home from school once a month and seeing a package just for her, and she especially enjoys watching the video together each week and doing the cute (and age appropriate) craft." - Michele Faehnle, CatholicMom.com 

Perfect for kids 4-8 (although we have some younger and older) the Mass Box gets you all the craft materials, instructions, videos, and a magazine to help kids prepare for the Mass!